Leadership Development for Lawyers

Coaching for leadership helps lawyers grow their leadership capabilities by exploring how to:

Position Yourself for Leadership Opportunities

Steer your path to an in-house promotion or jump the hurdle to a law firm partnership.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Learn to increase your visibility as a leader, whether as an in-house counsel, a lawyer in a firm or a sole practitioner.


Identify your unique strengths in building your professional network to reach the top rungs of your organization or law firm and expand your career opportunities.

Build Your Management Skills

Bolster your abilities around managing your direct reports to accelerate team productivity, collaboration and communication.

Step into New Leadership Roles

Grow into your in-house promotion, recent law firm partnership or lateral move between a law firm or organization with confidence and success.

Through one-on-one coaching, my clients are able to design customized and practical solutions that impact the bottom line of their day-to-day legal careers for long lasting change and satisfaction.


Committed to my clients’ success

Gwen’s supportive and empathic approach helped me clarify my thoughts and feelings.  I underwent cognitive shifts around my leadership development and gained self-confidence in how I lead.  I highly recommend Gwen to anyone looking to advance their career or build upon their skills.


Achieve Career Potential and Fulfillment