Transition Management for Lawyers

Coaching for transition helps lawyers manage the following career junctures:

Move from Law Firm to In-House Position

Guide your adjustment when changing from a law firm to an in-house role to thrive in your new environment.

Optimize Involuntary Job Change

Support you after a job loss. You will gain clarity around your values, purpose and meaning to design a plan to move forward with your job search.

Parental Leave

Prepare for your upcoming leave of absence. Create a plan to stay in communication with the office while you are on leave.  Create a plan to ramp back up and ease your transition when you return to your law firm or in-house position.

Plan for Retirement

Explore your options and goals for retirement from your legal career so that you can transition to your next life phase.

Leave Current Position

Evaluate the right time to make a move. Guide you to understand your interests and marketable skills, whether you are transitioning within the law or making a more significant transition outside of the law.

Through one-on-one coaching, my clients are able to design customized and practical solutions that impact the bottom line of their day-to-day legal careers for long lasting change and satisfaction.


Committed to my clients’ success

I hired Gwen when I was at a career crossroads.  Gwen’s positive and pragmatic approach helped me think through challenges and generate options. I highly recommend Gwen’s services to any lawyer in a period of career transition or looking for greater professional guidance.


Achieve Career Potential and Fulfillment