High-Potential Professionals

Career Navigation

Coaching for career navigation helps high-potential professionals maximize career growth by exploring:

Career Direction

Gain clarity around your purpose and values. This is especially useful for people who are feeling stuck or stalled. This will provide a new or renewed sense of purpose to move forward with your goals and path.

Business Development

Design a plan that enables you to market your talents to grow your business and expand your opportunities.

Time Management

Manage your heavy workload to improve your personal productivity, reduce your stress and achieve more balance among your competing priorities.

Relationship Management

Develop strategies that enhance your relationships with colleagues and senior management to grow your sphere of influence.

Communication Skills

Improve your interpersonal skills communicating with colleagues, bosses, direct reports or assistants to increase your effectiveness.

Leadership Development

Coaching for leadership helps high-potential professionals grow their leadership capabilities by exploring how to:

Position Yourself for Leadership Opportunities

Steer your path to a promotion by claiming your achievements.


Identify your unique strengths in building your professional network to reach the top rungs of your organization and expand your career opportunities.

Step into New Leadership Roles

Grow into your recent promotion or new position with confidence and success.

Enhance Your leadership Skills

Learn to increase your visibility as a leader as part of your organization or as a solopreneur.

Build Your Management Skills

Bolster your skills around managing direct reports to accelerate team productivity, collaboration and communication.

Transition Management

Coaching for transition helps high-potential professionals manage the following career junctures:

Start a New Job

Overcome the challenges of beginning a new job to thrive in your new position.

Involuntary Job Change

Support you after a job loss. You will gain clarity around your values, purpose and meaning to design a plan to move forward with your job search.

Parental Leave

Prepare for your upcoming leave of absence. Create a plan to stay in communication with the office while on leave.  Create a plan to ramp back up and ease your transition when you return to your job.


Explore options and goals for retirement from your career so that you can transition to your next life phase.

Leave Your Current Position

Evaluate the right time to make a move. Guide you to understand your interests and marketable skills, whether you are transitioning within your profession or making a more significant transition outside of your profession.

Through one-on-one coaching, my clients are able to design customized and practical solutions that impact the bottom line of their day-to-day careers for long lasting change and satisfaction.


Committed to my clients’ success

Gwen was very helpful after a recent promotion I received as an executive in the hospitality industry. I faced many challenges around how to manage a new team, as well as the expectations from a demanding boss.  Coaching was a transformative experience, providing clarity and choice, which in turn allowed me to successfully overcome these obstacles.


Achieve Career Potential and Fulfillment