Career Navigation for Lawyers

Coaching for career navigation helps lawyers maximize career growth by exploring:

Time Management

Manage your heavy workload, including billable hours, to improve your personal productivity, reduce your stress and achieve more balance among your competing priorities.

Business Development

Design a plan that enables you to market your skills, whether you are working in-house to enhance your contribution or working in a law firm to grow your practice.

Career Direction

Gain clarity around your purpose and values. This is especially useful for lawyers who are feeling stuck or stalled. This will provide a new or renewed sense of purpose to move forward with your goals and path.

Client Management

Develop strategies that enhance your relationships with internal and external clients to grow your sphere of influence.

Communication Skills

Improve your interpersonal skills in communicating with internal and external clients, colleagues, bosses, direct reports, paralegals and assistants to increase your effectiveness.

Through one-on-one coaching, my clients are able to design customized and practical solutions that impact the bottom line of their day-to-day legal careers for long lasting change and satisfaction.


Committed to my clients’ success

As a senior in-house counsel, I was feeling marginalized as a middle manager and felt my career had stalled. With Gwen’s guidance, I gained insight and developed strategies to claim my achievements and expand my role. This rekindled my focus and satisfaction with my work.


Achieve Career Potential and Fulfillment